Listen to our ABC radio about using an oral bait vaccine for the Tasmanian devil facial tumour disease


It’s #WallabyBoxing season again!!

We bought a house in #Tasmania just over a year ago. I would sit on the back deck and watch the wallaby battles every night while my 1 year old son fell asleep. We just started season 2. #WallabyBoxing #WildTasmania #BackyardBiology

Current landscape of cancer drug trials and see development

There are a lot of them, but new approvals and progress have been steady.

Immuno-oncology drug development goes global

The deadliest tumor cell ever (arguably) can also be beautiful

This devil facial tumor (#DFT) cell comes alive with color when stained to show the nucleus (blue) and structural features. Interestingly, the green stain of the deadly tumor comes from a peptide from deadly death cap mushroom #DeathCapMushroom

How do you create a lab culture (the social kind, not just cells)

Extremely helpful advice the eco-evo eco-evo blog!

Extreme Competence: Keystone Hosts of Infections paper out today

This Extreme Competence: Keystone Hosts of Infections paper out today was the culmination of much “cat herding” by Marty Martin following the host competence workshop in Australia in 2018.

Extreme competence

Gratitude is great!

This Friday got off to a great start when I was greeted with a thank you card and bottle of wine. #Gratitude = #Motivation

Great day for Wild Immunity!

Paper about developing an on/off switch for IFNg in DFT cells published, Wild Immunology editorial accepted, and grant to support our Tasmanian devil vaccine research made it through the first round.

We have developed an on/off switch for genes in Tasmanian devil cells

Why do we need a switch for turning genes on/off in Tasmanian Devil cells DFTD? It’s easier to find your keys when you can switch the lights on! To learn more check out our latest open access publication:
Inducible IFN-γ Expression for MHC-I Upregulation in Devil Facial Tumor Cells


To make your own on/off switch for wild immunology, contact @WildImmunity

Eyes on the beach?

How many people would be scared away by the eye spots? I can think of a few (mom:). Amazing trip to #MariaIsland, Tasmania for @WildImmunity