BioGPS is a great source for find tissue-specific gene expression

Immuno-Navigator A database for gene coexpression in the immune system

The Biolgend web is an outstanding for all things immunology

CD molecules (Biolegend)

Cell markers (Biolegend)

Maturation markers (Biolegend)

Flow cytometry buffers (Biolegend)

Fluorescence spectra analyzer (Biolegend)

Landscape of Immuno-Oncology Drug Development interactive tool for keeping up with the development of anti-cancer drugs.

Cell Culture

Cell Counting with a Hemocytometer (BitesizeBio) – Click here to download PDF

Useful Numbers for Cell Culture (Thermo Scientific)

Ten Tips for pipetting a 384-well plate (BitesizeBio)

Microbiology and molecular biology links

Interactive molecular biology tools (NEB)

Molecular biology protocols (NEB)

Plasmid guide (Addgene) – very useful for cloning questions

Making LB agar plate – protocol  Making LB agar plate – video (Addgene)

Making glycerol stocks (Addgene)

Antibiotic concentrations spreadsheet (Addgene, InvivoGen)

Antibiotic concentrations (Thermo Fisher)

How to verify your plasmid  (Addgene)

Plasmids 101: The promotor region (Addgene) Download PDF

Better Plasmid Midipreps Part II: What Causes Low Yields? (BitesizeBio)

Protein analysis and prediction

Predict Eukaryotic Linear Motifs (ELM) (e.g. ITIM, ITSM, ITAM)

Predict protein structure and features: SMART (e.g. IG domains, signal peptides)

Predict protein domains and signal peptides: Phobius

Predict protein domains: TMHMM server

Predict signal peptides: SignalP

Predict molecular weight and other good stuff: Protparam ProtPI

Predict non-classically secreted proteins: SecretomeP

Calculate multi-protein percent identity: Clustal Omega

Predict nuclear localization signals: cNLS mapper

Find potential restriction sites in a DNA sequence by introducing silent mutations that do not change the protein sequence: Webcutter

Amino acid properties and consequences of substitutions: Russel Lab


Excellent software for plasmid construction, sequence analysis and general purpose DNA work: SnapGene

Protein alignments and general protein and DNA analysis: CLC Sequence Viewer (free version)

Free software environment for statistical computing and graphics: R-project, RStudio

Free image editing software: GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)

Free software to design degenerate primers: HYDEN


General lab recipes

FAST protein recipes (from Flies et al., 2019 bioRxiv)

Fixation and flow cytometry from BitesizeBio

Buffer preparation calculator from @AATBioquest


  1. CHO cell adaption to serum-free media
  2. Hybridoma production
  3. Hyrbidoma screening ELISA
  4. Protein A purification
  5. Plasmid construction protocol for recombinant DNA
  6. Cell culture protocol and notes
  7. FAST protein protocol (from Flies et al., 2019 bioRxiv)
  8. FAST protein experiment templates (from Flies et al., 2019 bioRxiv)

Working with animals

Procedures with care – tutorial videos for animal techniques

Working with genetically-modified organisms

What Dealings With GMOs are Classified as Exempt Dealings?

What are Notifiable Low Risk Dealings (NLRDs)?

Types of Dealings with GMOs classified as Notifiable Low Risk Dealings (NLRDs)

Useful flow chart for using genetically-modified organisms

Guidance Notes for the Containment of Exempt Dealings